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1.  Helmets are compulsory on all Bogtrotters rides.

2.  Wherever possible you should inform the ride leader if you are attending a ride so they can ensure everyone has a lift, vet suitability, and wait for you if you’re held up on the way. Ensure you have the ride leader’s number.

3.  Leaders of alternative rides should consult the official ride leader before announcing their ride to the club in general.

4.  Rides have an advertised start time. If you arrive after that time, don't be surprised if we've gone (unless you have previously notified the ride leader you’re running late).

5.  We do not tolerate discrimination, hate speech, bullying or harrasment in any form.

6.  Look after our wildlife, environment and trails. Do not litter, do not ride heavily eroded paths/trails in periods of bad weather.

7.  Be courteous to all trail users; hikers, horse riders ramblers etc. – Say Hi!

8.  If you get lost, you should return to the last point where you were in sight of other riders and wait there for someone to find you.  Do not guess the route as we may waste time and effort searching for you.

9.  If you open a gate, you wait with it until everyone has passed.

10.  We help each other to get bikes over gates etc.

11. If a rider has a puncture or mechanical, you should ensure that they are not left alone to fix it.

12. If you’re passing a slower rider, call out which side you’re on.

13. Bring food, snacks, water and basic tools/spares as set out in the "Newbies Start Here" section.

14. If you’re offered a lift to a ride, as a matter of courtesy, offer fuel money to the driver.

15. Bring a change of clothes for after the ride as we usually stop off somewhere for a drink – this is particularly important if you had a lift off someone, so you don’t mess up their car!

16. All members will have immense fun on all club rides that they take part in.

17. The club is an informal association of riders, formed for the purpose of organizing rides and related events. As such, it is non-profit making, and ride leaders and other members cannot accept liability for any accidental injuries and damage caused to any rider or their possessions.

Although club members may sometimes give warnings about dangerous riding conditions ahead, this is not always possible in the hurly-burly of a ride, so it is up to the individual rider to decide what they can and cannot ride and to accept responsibility for their own safety.


Mountain biking is not a 'safe' activity - even beginner rides include hazardous sections, and accidents can happen on any terrain. We do not have any qualified first-aiders, though we will attempt to help the victim of any accident.

Attending a ride is interpreted as permission for your photo to be published on the club website, Facebook page and Instagram feed; except for minors, who will not be shown unless a consent form is submitted.  You may have any shot of yourself you object to removed without giving a reason.

18.We do require all members to have 3rd Party Insurance; the easiest way to do this is by joining Cycling UK.  As we are an affiliated club you can get membership of Cycling UK currently for £33 per year.  The code for this can be found in the "Members Area". 

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