1. The club shall be called "Bog Trotters Mountain Bike Club".

  2. The club shall be affiliated to a governing body giving members 3rd party and liability insurance.

  3. The management of the club shall be by an Executive Committee consisting of the club officials plus committee members, all to be elected annually.

  4. The club officials shall be: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairperson.

  5. Club subscriptions shall be due annually prior to renewal of affiliation.

  6. New members joining the club more than 6 months after renewal of affiliation shall pay a reduction on the normal subscription rate (usually just over half – see application form for current amounts).

  7. Regular committee meetings shall be held to discuss club business and future activities. Any member of the committee absent from 3 consecutive meetings without an apology of absence to the Chairperson shall be deemed to have resigned, and the committee shall fill the vacancy.

  8. Every individual wishing to become a member of the club shall complete an application form and submit this with the appropriate fee. The form shall be signed by the applicant, (and by a Parent/Guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age).

  9. Any member failing to renew membership within one month of the due date shall cease to receive insurance cover. Those members who fail to renew within one month of a subsequent reminder shall be deemed to have resigned.

  10. No individual shall take part in any event or ride as a club member unless he/she is clear in the books of the club.

  11. Helmets must be worn on all club rides.

  12. All members will be given advance notice of the Annual General Meeting and copies of the Accounts and Agenda will be made available. Any items for inclusion in the Annual General Meeting agenda shall reach the Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

  13. Any matter not covered in these rules shall be dealt with by the committee, whose decision shall be binding on all parties.

  14. All members will have immense fun on all club rides that they take part in.

  15. Non members are asked to contribute £2 to club funds per ride, which we use to fund donations to Air Ambulance, Mountain Rescue etc


Additional protocols we observe


  1. Leaders of alternative rides should consult the official ride leader before announcing their ride to the club in general.

  2. If you open a gate, you wait with it until everyone has passed.

  3. Wherever possible you should inform the ride leader if you are attending a ride so they can ensure everyone has a lift, vet suitability, and wait for you if you’re held up on the way. Ensure you have the ride leader’s number.

  4. Attending a ride is interpreted as permission for your photo to be published on the website, but you may have any shot of yourself you object to removed without giving a reason.

  5. If a rider has a puncture or mechanical, you should ensure that they are not left alone to fix it.

  6. If you get lost, you should return to the last point where you were in sight of other riders and wait there for someone to find you. Do not guess the route as we may waste time and effort searching for you.

  7. Rides have an advertised start time. If you arrive after that time, don't be surprised if we've gone (unless you have previously notified the ride leader you’re running late).

  8. We help each other to get bikes over gates etc.If you're in front of the ride leader, ensure you know exactly which route they are taking. If in doubt, wait at the next fork - don't go off exploring without telling anyone as we may waste time and effort looking for you.If you're not a paid up member of the club we ask for £2 per ride, which we use to fund donations to Mountain Rescue, Air Ambulance etc.If you're offered a lift to the ride, please, as a matter of courtesy, offer fuel money to the driver, and take a change of clothes so you don't mess up their

  9. If you're offered a lift to the ride, please, as a matter of courtesy, offer fuel money to the driver, and take a change of clothes so you don't mess up their car!If you’re offered a lift to a ride, as a matter of courtesy, offer fuel money to the driver.

  10. Bring food, snacks and water for the ride.

  11. If you’re passing a slower rider, call out which side you’re on.

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